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60 Jon Barrett Road, Robin Hill Corporate Park, Patterson, NY 12563
Tel: (845) 878-2070 Fax: (845) 878-2077
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We mold more than plastics. We mold great relationships.


About The Facility


There's a saying at Brewster Plastics Inc., "We mold more than plastics; we mold relationships." Many of its key employees have been on board for more then 20 years. So have many of its customers. Customers like HeliCoil/Black & Decker and Prestone. In many cases, Brewster Plastics is the sole source for all its customers' tooling and finished products. Obviously the relationships Brewster Plastics molds are long-term.

In January 1997, Brewster Plastics designed and built a new 40,000 sq-ft facility in Patterson, NY. The company runs 20 machines now, mostly late model Arburgs and Nisseis. The plant is set up to run up to 26 presses and has added 400 and 500 tonners in the last few years. Robert P. Wallace, President, started Brewster Plastics in a filling station garage in Brewster, NY during the oil crisis of 1971, then moved it into a 115-year-old mill about 9 years later. His son Brett R. Wallace, Brewster Plastics' Vice President of Operations, grew up in the business. Both of them knew what they wanted in a new plant. Experience teaches you that. Now, under one roof, they have all any molder could want, and then some.

The new plant helps Brewster Plastics maintain the reliability of its most important resource, namely, its people. Brewster Plastics employs about 50, working three shifts at least five days a week. Robert Wallace says that improving the working environment for his employees was one of the key reasons for the move to Patterson. "Cleanliness and efficiency are like honesty," he explains. "You have to have it, or your employees won't." Another benefit; promotion is largely from within. Janet Dohm, Brewster Plastics' General Manager, started as a machine operator fresh out of high school.

Robert Wallace summarizes his management style: "I have an old Scottish background. I believe in trust. Everyone makes mistakes. I do, too. I say you can make any mistakes you want, just don't make the same mistake twice." Experience teaches you that. Just look around Brewster Plastics' new plant...

Brewster Plastics Inc., Patterson, NY

Square footage: 40,000
Markets served: Consumer products, medical, dental, oem industrial, ...
Major customers: Prestone, HeliCoil/Black & Decker, IBM.
Material processed: All thermoplastic resins.
No. of employees: 50.
Shifts worked: Three shifts, five days a week (minimum).
Molding machines: 20 total, 55 to 500 tons, 2-78 ozs. Arburg and Nissei.
Secondary operations: Ultrasonic welding, joining, inserting, hot stamping, multi-color pad printing, and manual and automated assembly.
Internal moldmaking: Designs and builds molds and automation in house.
Quality: ISO 9001 certification since 2001, UL certified.

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